Bias Awareness Resource Committee

The Bias Awareness Resource Committee (BARC) is committed to supporting a living, learning, and working environment in which all members are respected and their differences are valued. BARC is charged with reviewing bias incident reports and with implementing strategies to educate, to strengthen, and to support the campus community when such incidents occur.

Confronting Racism, Injustice, and Inequality

To confront racism, injustice, and inequality at Gettysburg College, the Bias Awareness Resource Committee (BARC) and Campus Climate Study Implementation Group (CCSIG) joined together to deliver a report of recommendations to help facilitate institutional improvement.

Read “Confronting Racism, Injustice, and Inequality” (PDF)

In a letter to the community, President Bob Iuliano outlined the College’s next steps in advancing this essential work.

Additional information

It is important to note that establishing the BARC does not create a new category of prohibited behavior or new disciplinary or judicial processes.

Alleged bias conduct that may be a violation of College policy by a student will be referred for action through existing disciplinary or judicial procedures. Alleged bias conduct that may be a violation of College policy by a faculty member or staff member will be referred to the Provost or to the Director of Human Resources, respectively.

BARC is in no way a disciplinary body, and its functions are proactive as well as reactive. Thus BARC is charged with developing ways to communicate with and to respond to the community regarding bias incidents and policies, and therefore to strengthen and to support the community at all times, and most especially when bias incidents occur.

Membership Listing:

  • AlexTrillo, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Alexandros Economou ’22
  • Alexis Waltz ’22
  • Allison Singley, Executive Director of Parent Relations
  • Amanda Del Gaudio, Director of Gender, Equity & LGBTQIA+Life
  • Andrew Hughes, Executive Director of the GLC
  • Anna Hisnanick, Assistant Director, Outdoor Leadership
  • B.J. Dunne, Men’s Basketball Head Coach
  • Brent Talbot, Associate Professor, Music (Chair)
  • Caroline Hartzell, Professor, Political Science
  • Charles Myers, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Charlotte Cunningham, Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach
  • Christopher Bloom Ford, Assistant Director of Career Engagement
  • Cindy Wright, Director of EES Student Success and Well-being
  • Colin P. Hughes ’23
  • Connie Devilbiss, Adjunct Professor Sociology
  • Daijon Jackson ’23
  • David Bass, Hillel Director 
  • Diana Mendez ’22
  • Faith Biesecker, Assistant Director of Special Operations
  • Giancarlo Emmanuel S. Castillo ’23, Student
  • Isabel Williams ’24, Student
  • Jacqeline Wilkins, Housekeeping
  • Jamie Yates, Executive Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Jeff Foster, Associate Vice President of College Life
  • Jennifer Bloomquist, Associate Provost for Faculty Development
  • Jennifer Lucas, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Jesse Mains, Coordinator of Institutional Diversity Initiatives
  • Kayode Balogun ’22
  • Kerry Wallach, Associate Professor, German Studies
  • Kevin Park ’22
  • Lidia Anchisi, Associate Professor, Italian Studies
  • Lucas Toglia '22
  • Madison Bulgajewski '22
  • Mary Ehlmquist, Scholarly Communications Director 
  • Max Pernetti '24
  • Michael Mattia, Executive Director of Athletics
  • Monique Gore, Interim Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Engagement
  • Paige Cook, Assistant Director, Student Activities and Greek Life
  • Robert Brandell, Men’s Soccer Intern
  • Stephen Stern, Associate Professor, Judaic Studies
  • Steven Gimbel, Professor, Philosophy
  • Sukky Nd-Ezuma ’23, Student
  • Vernon Cisney, Assistant Professor, IDS