Educational Technology

The Educational Technology office is dedicated to providing services which enhance teaching and learning. We strive to make faculty, students, staff, and administrators fluent in the technologies they use every day. Educational Technology also provides services for enhanced classrooms and Moodle (the college’s online course management system) as outlined below.

Enhanced Classrooms

Educational Technology works to integrate technology into the classroom to enhance the teaching and learning environment. Many of the classroom are equipped with computers, projectors, media display units (DVD, VCR), and internet access.

If you experience any technical issues with any of the equipment in the enhanced classrooms, please contact the ITHelpdesk at ext. 7000.


Moodle is an online tool that is designed to extend the classroom beyond the brick and mortar walls of the traditional campus. As in the face-to-face classroom, lectures, quizzes, classroom discussions, group activities can be completed online using Moodle’s user-friendly tools. Accessing Moodle is as simple as accessing any internet website and make use of the materials that your instructor has posted. Students only need access to an internet ready computer. Log into Moodle with your college ID and password.

Ensemble Video

Ensemble Video is an online video platform that allows faculty to upload, manage and stream video through Moodle or another web site. Video files are much larger than text or image files, often leading to lengthy download times. Streaming technology sends small pieces of a video file in a continuous stream to users’ computers, thereby allowing them to watch the video in real time rather than waiting for the file to download. Using Ensemble, faculty members can embed their uploaded videos into Moodle web pages or other preferred web site providers, such as Blogger or WordPress. Log into Ensemble Video using your college user ID and password.