Invoice payments

Methods of Payment

Gettysburg College processes vendor payments both internally and via a third-party service Paymerang.  Vendor payments are initiated each Thursday,  Allow 7 to 10 business days for processing. Incomplete information may delay processing.  Checks are mailed directly to the vendor unless otherwise indicated. 

  • Paymerang - The College has contracted with Paymerang to provide payment services.  Paymerang pays vendors via:
    • Check 
    • ACH
      • Vendors may be contacted directly by Paymerang via to setup ACH.  Vendors must speak directly with Paymerang, the College cannot collect bank information on your behalf and send to Paymerang.
    • Credit Card
  • College Check
  • College Purchasing Card - Pay for goods and services whenever possible with a College purchasing card

  • Wire or Electronic Transfer of Funds - Contact Accounts Payable if a vendor requires payment via wire or EFT.  Please note:  Requests for payments via ACH or wire follow the same process as payment via check and departments should allow for 7 to 10 business days for the payment to be processed.

Initiating Payment

To initiate a payment request with Accounts Payable (Box 2454):

  • Submit vendor invoice with appropriate procurement authorization signature and general ledger code written on its face.
  • Submit Check Request Form with all information completed, applicable original documentation attached, and appropriate procurement authorization.
  • Submit Check Request and Event Agreement Form (use for speakers, performers, etc.) with all information completed with appropriate procurement authorization. Payee signature and / or contract should be included. Form W-9 or W-8BEN/E is required.

Required Vendor Documentation

Departments may be asked to obtain additional documentation from the vendor before the request can be processed for payment.

  • Domestic Vendors:
    • Vendors may submit their own W-9, or
    • Vendors may submit a W-9 via our DocuSign link
    • Instructions are provided when link is initiated. Enter VENDOR NAME (payee) and your email address. The completed form will be transmitted to Accounts Payable via DocuSign. It is not necessary to send the completed W-9 to Accounts Payable.
  • Foreign Vendors:
    • Foreign Vendors may use the W-8BEN, W-8BENE or the 8233 form in the Payables Form Section or
    • Foreign Vendors may complete the information in our Foreign National Information System. Contact for assistance.