Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for processing billing statements and posting payments for student accounts. In addition to the billing of tuition, room and meals, several other offices provide services to students that have a fee associated with them. Charges for these campus services are compiled by our office and included in the student account billing statement.

2018-19 Tuition and Fees

Taxation of Scholarships and Fellowships

About the billing statement

  • Student account billing statements and current account information are accessible online via the online billing and payment system for parents/guardians. Students may access this information via the Student Center. Instructions are available for students and parents/guardians.

Authorized Payer

  • GlobalPay is available for international students to make payment to Gettysburg College for tuition and fees. This option allows students to use a payment type and currency of their choosing in an efficient and inexpensive manner. Step by step instructions are included on this payment website. GlobalPay Tips and FAQs.
GlobalPay for Students
  • The statement letter provides additional billing information.

Statement Letter (PDF)

Billing StatementAvailabilityDue
Fall Semester Mid - June August - 1st business day
Spring Semester Early December January - 1st business day
Monthly Statements 5th business day Monthly on the 25th
Payment Plan Sign Up
  • Health insurance coverage is required for all students. Student Health Insurance charges are placed on the student account each fall and removed upon completion of the waiver.

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