Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office provides information and counseling to assist students and families to meet their financial obligations to the College. In addition to the billing of tuition, room and meals, many other areas on campus provide services to students that have a fee associated with them. Charges for these services are compiled on the monthly Student Account Billing Statement. Payment is expected by the due date indicated on the statement.

Undergraduate Billing Information

Tuition and Fees Student Accounts Representatives

Statements and due dates

Billing statement availability and due dates are as follows:

Billing StatementGenerally AvailableDue Date
Fall Semester Mid-June August—First Business Day
Spring Semester Beginning of December January—First Business Day
Monthly Statements By 5th Business day monthly Due date on Statement

MA in American History Billing & Payment Information

Your student account will reflect tuition charges within three business days of your enrolling in a class.  Billing statements are run each Friday during the registration period and notification of your billing statement is sent to your email address.  Payment is due two weeks before the first day of classes each term.  Tuition payments for classes enrolled in after the due date are due within five business days of registration.  For information on accessing your bill and payment options see the menu to the left.

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Student Accounts


Student Accounts
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