Additional Benefits offered by Aflac

Gettysburg College continues to strive to protect the financial interests of its employees. To ensure an additional line of protection is available to you, Gettysburg College is proud to make the leader in supplemental insurance; Aflac, available to our employees.

What is Aflac?

Founded in 1955, the American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac) invented what is known today as “supplemental insurance” and is the largest company of it’s kind in the world with nearly 56 million policyholders.

Unlike health insurance, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to it’s policyholders when a covered person becomes sick or is injured in an accident. These benefits may be used for anything (rent/mortgage, gas, food, household expenses, etc), or to help cover co-pays, deductibles and annual out-of-pocket costs.

Aflac policies are available to all employees of Gettysburg College, they and their spouses, dependent children (up to 26 years of age), or two parent family. Premiums are deducted directly from an employee’s paycheck and offered at hugely discounted rates (colleges and universities are an “A” level group and can offer Aflac at the most inexpensive rates available).

Further, Aflac premiums are deducted as a pre-tax benefit, so wages an employee chooses to spend on a policy/policies are not taxed as income - which helps even more. Premiums on some Aflac policies are based on a person’s age when they enroll, but they do not increase as a policyholder ages, nor due to the number of claims a policyholder makes. Once enrolled, rates are locked-in for as long as a policyholder wishes to continue their coverage.

Aflac policies are independent of each-other too. This means that an injury or illness covered under more than one plan will be paid by both. All Aflac policies offered at Gettysburg College also qualify for Aflac’s “One Day Pay” claims service (please, ask your Aflac Agent for details).

Aflac Policies Available to Employees of Gettysburg College

Accident Advantage

Accident Advantage is a new policy-version for 2018 with hugely-increased/new benefits. Aflac’s most popular policy by far, the accident policy pays a minimum $120 when a covered person seeks treatment for any accident-injury suffered on or off the job (family physician, urgent care, dentist or eye doctor - $170 at the ER). Includes additional benefits for “measurable injuries” (lacerations, dislocations, broken bones, etc), hospitalizations, intensive care, x-rays, diagnostics, ambulance, surgeries, follow-up care, physical therapy, mobility devices, death and dismemberment, and so on. New benefits include $4,000 for home-modification and an added 25% for injuries suffered while engaged in an organized sporting activity (up to an additional $1,000). Includes $60 annual Wellness Benefit.

Plus Rider

Aflac’s new, “Plus (Critical Illness) Rider” can now be added to the Accident Advantage policy. This rider provides a $5,000 initial occurrence benefit should a covered person suffer any of 14 devastating illnesses or injuries, including: heart-attack, stroke, coma, paralysis, type 1 diabetes, traumatic brain injury, advanced Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, sudden cardiac arrest, and includes an unlimited $2,500 recurrence benefit every 12 months as well.

Plus Rider also contains a $1,250 benefit for the diagnosis of nine additional conditions, such as: lyme disease, encephalitis, sickle cell anemia and necrotizing fasciitis.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care Premiere* provides an immediate cash benefit of $6,000(+*) for the initial diagnosis of any internal cancer and includes treatment/surgical benefits for skin cancers as well. Cancer Care Premiere protects a covered person throughout their ordeal and pays considerable cash benefits for treatments such as: injected chemotherapy ($900/wk), radiation ($500/wk), experimental treatments, bone marrow/stem cell transplants ($10,000), hospitalizations, surgeries, travel, ambulance, hospice and more. Dependent children are covered at no cost and the initial diagnosis benefit doubles. Cancer Care Premiere pays a $100 annual Wellness Benefit (screening) to anyone covered on the policy.

*Optional Value Building Rider increases the initial diagnostic benefit by $500 for every year the policy is in force (after the first year).

*Optional Specified Disease Rider pays a $1,000 cash benefit for the diagnosis of any of 31 dread diseases/disorders, including: lyme disease, muscular dystrophy, Addison’s disease, ALS, cerebral palsy, toxic shock syndrome, cystic fibrosis and more. Includes unlimited hospitalization benefit of $200/day (days 1-30) and $500/day (days 31+).

 *Cancer Care Classic is also available. Covered events are the same. Cash benefits are slightly less.

Critical Care Protection

Critical Care Protection is a new policy-version for 2018 with hugely-increased/new benefits. CCP provides $7,500(+*) cash should one of ten dreaded health crises occur: heart-attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, major human organ transplant, major third-degree burns, end-stage renal failure, persistent vegetative state, coma or paralysis ($10,000 for dependent children), an unlimited $3,500 recurrence benefit every twelve months and $300/day hospitalization. CCP has new, specified heart surgery benefits of $2,000-$4,000 for heart valve surgery, abdominal aortic aneurysm, coronary angioplasty, TMR, atherectomy, stent implantation and more. Also includes up to $1,300/day intensive care coverage for any accident or illness, continuing care, up to $1,500 round-trip travel allowance, ambulance, rehabilitation facility, follow-up care, and more.

*Optional Value Building Rider builds the first occurrence benefit by $500 for every year the policy is in force (after the first year).

Please, contact our Aflac Benefits Consultant, Danny at: 717-752-0772 or