Benefits Advisory Committee Charge


The Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Human Resources Office. BAC is comprised of a group of knowledgeable faculty and staff who have the purpose of gathering input and assisting in the monitoring of existing employee benefits. Their charge includes providing advice to the College on employee preferences that meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

Guiding Principles

The Benefits Advisory Committee agrees to the following guiding principles:

  • BAC will have a general knowledge of the College’s employee benefits and will serve as a thought partner to the HR Office.
  • BAC will have a basic understanding of the rising costs of health insurance expenses at the College and across the country. BAC will review various health insurance options and discuss ideas and approaches to group health insurance, while maintaining confidentiality.
  • BAC will evaluate priorities in response to the College’s financial position, faculty and staff interests and needs, and the external benefits landscape (e.g. applicable laws and regulations, etc.).
  • BAC will collectively help to gather input and inform employees about employee benefit issues and complexities.

This is not a decision-making committee; however, it does influence the benefits that are made available to Gettysburg College employees and serves as a focus group for considerations.


At a minimum, the committee will consist of:

  • Two (2) Faculty, with preference given to members of Faculty Council and Faculty Finance Committee
  • Two (2) Non-exempt staff, with preference given to representatives of the Support Staff Council
  • Two (2) Exempt staff, with preference given to representatives of the Administrative Staff Council

The Executive Director of Human Resources, Associate Director of Human Resources, and the Senior Director of Budget and Financial Planning are ex-officio members of the Benefits Advisory Committee. Committee members serve for a three-year (3) term. While no special skills are required of committee members, members should have an interest in the overall benefits package made available by the College.


BAC meets at least annually. Agendas are determined primarily by the Executive Director of Human Resources and others as needed, i.e. Benefits Broker, etc. A staff member from the Human Resources Office is responsible for preparing minutes of each meeting.