Professional development for administrators

Administrative Educational Support Policy

The Administrative Advisory Council’s Educational Support Program is designed to provide financial assistance to administrators for registration, tuition, and purchasing textbooks and materials that are part of continuing educational activities. This can include coursework that is part of obtaining a bachelor's degree or graduate school, or non-degree program coursework. The amount will not exceed $500 for any one person per fiscal year.  Funds are limited; therefore, members of the AAC will assess each request against the availability of funds each fiscal year.

Program Requirements:

  • The employee must be a regular full-time or regular part-time employee (working at least 1,000 hours annually) designated as an administrator at Gettysburg College, and employed by the College for a minimum of one year.
  • Funds must be spent within the fiscal year for which they were approved.
  • Funds are for physical or digital materials that are required as part of the course, workshop, or program the employee is attending (for example, textbooks).

Funding will not be considered when the educational program is required as part of the administrator’s job responsibilities (in that case, funding should come from the administrator's department).

How to Apply:

Eligible employees interested in applying for funds must submit an online request form for review. The proposal should outline how attending this program will benefit the employee and what materials will be purchased.  You must submit an itemized receipt with your online form.

Program Approval

The approval of the program and the amount of the grant given will be at the discretion of the Administrative Advisory Council. Requests are considered on a rolling basis as funds are available and the amount will not exceed $500 for any one person per fiscal year.

Once a decision has been made, the employee will be notified.

Research/Study Leave for Administrators

A research/study leave may be granted for research or for an advanced education that is a direct requirement of the position. A research/study leave is a potential privilege of employment, not an entitlement. Only the President of the College may grant research/study leave at their discretion.

Administrators considering application for a research/study leave should first receive approval from their immediate supervisor and their Division Head. All approvals must be in place prior to making a financial commitment. Applications may be made at any time, but normally should be made at least three months prior to the beginning date of the requested leave. The President of the College will make the final decision on all research/study leave applications.

Administrators become eligible for a one-month research/study leave after every two continuous years of service and up to a maximum of six months leave after six years of continuous service. Not more than five of the six months may be taken during the academic year. Regardless of how it is accrued or used, no more than a total of six months leave may be taken in any six-year period of employment. If not used, this leave does not accumulate. Additionally, the College will not compensate an administrator for research/study leave time that is not used.

Salary and fringe benefits shall be continued intact during any period of research/study leave.