Tuition exchange program

The Tuition Exchange (TE) program allows dependent children of eligible Gettysburg College employees an opportunity to earn a scholarship at participating colleges and universities nationwide. A full list of participating institutions can be found on the Tuition Exchange website along with school-specific deadlines and procedures. TE can be a competitive award process. Eligibility alone does not guarantee student acceptance into an institution or a scholarship award.

In order to apply for TE, students should create an account on the Tuition Exchange website and complete an EZ on-line application for each school to which they are applying (hereafter known as import school). **Students must also apply to the import school(s) of their choice through the admissions office.

Gettysburg College TE Liaison, Angela Sontheimer, will certify all exporting TE applications on-line through the TE website. Upon certification from Gettysburg College, both the student and the import school will receive an email confirmation. The import school has full jurisdiction over the awarding of their TE scholarships; both the student and Gettysburg College will be notified once a decision has been made. After being notified, the student is to notify Gettysburg College TE Liaison, Angela Sontheimer, whether or not he/she will attend the institution where accepted.

New applicants for TE scholarships must meet the admissions criteria for the import institution and may have to meet more demanding standards if the institution has initiated these to select among TE applicants. Renewing TE export students must maintain the academic and behavioral standards required of all students by their import school and other standards set forth on the original Certification/Application form.

The Tuition Exchange Scholarships are awarded for 8 semesters of undergraduate study; however, eligibility of the employee and dependent must be confirmed each year. TE scholars should send an email to the TE Liaison, Angela Sontheimer, by January 30, confirming they will remain at the same Tuition Exchange School for the next academic year.

Tuition Exchange questions can be directed to the Tuition Exchange liaison officer, Angela Sontheimer, at extension 6582 or email

For more information visit the Tuition Exchange website.