Tuition exchange program


The purpose of the Tuition Exchange program is to facilitate the exchange of students among member institutions. Tuition Exchange membership confers only the right to apply for a scholarship; it does not guarantee either that the employing institution will be able to support all eligible employees in a given year or that the institutions to which a student applies will accept the student into the Tuition Exchange program.

Direct questions to the Tuition Exchange liaison officer, Christina Gormley at extension 6582 or email

For more information visit the Tuition Exchange Website.

Gettysburg College Selection Guidelines

The scholarship awarded to dependents of Gettysburg College employees shall be limited to a total of eight (8) semesters for each employee's family, i.e., an employee with two or more children may opt to receive the scholarship for one dependent for eight (8) semesters or two dependents for four (4) semesters each or any other configuration which does not exceed the eight (8) semesters per family.

If slots are open and exports are needed to improve the exchange balance, then consideration will be given to employees who have already used the 8 semesters of eligibility. The second child may participate in the TE program; however, renewals may be contingent upon the projected exchange balance in any given year. Under no circumstances will one (1) child receive more than eight (8) semesters of Tuition Exchange Scholarship.

If slots are filled and exports are limited, then the seniority of the employee will be considered.

Application procedure

Applications may be obtained from the Tuition Exchange liaison officer.

Employees interested in the program should contact the TE officer in March or April of the student’s junior year or September of the senior year of high school. At that time, a preliminary application form will be sent along with the program’s list of participating schools. All application forms should be forwarded to the TE officer by December 15 of the student’s senior year of high school.

Tuition Exchange Application

Once the application and dependent information are received, the TE officer confirms that the candidate meets the requirements set forth in the campus TE eligibility policy. The form is then forwarded to the importing institution. The application will be acknowledged by that institution when received. Once the decision has been made whether to accept or reject the student, the student and the exporting TE officer will be notified (usually by March 30- if not, contact the TE officer.) After being notified, the student is to notify the exporting TE officer whether or not he/she will attend the institution where accepted.


The Tuition Exchange Scholarships are awarded for 8 semesters of undergraduate study. However, eligibility of the employee and dependent must be recertified each year. TE scholars should check to be sure that their sponsoring liaison officer has submitted, by January 30, the recertification and renewal form requesting their scholarship's renewal for the next academic year.

Standards of admittance

New applicants for TE scholarships must meet the admissions criteria for the institution, and may have to meet more demanding standards if the institution has initiated these to select among TE applicants. Renewing TE export students must maintain the academic and behavioral standards required of all students by their host college and other standards set forth on the original Certification/Application form.