United Legal Benefits

Gettysburg College is pleased to offer the United Legal Benefits Group Legal Plan for all benefit eligible employees and their families. This innovative benefit provides you and your family with affordable legal protection for all the legal matters. Legal services are provided by a local independent law firm for either for no-additional-charge or discounts of 25-30% from their standard rates. And, by contacting your law firm directly, you develop a personal relationship with your attorney and gain the security of having a family attorney just like you have a family doctor, family dentist and other professionals. United Legal Benefits Presentation.

The Plan premium is only $19.50 per month and is available through payroll deduction. No-additional-charge services for your family include the preparation or updating of your wills, advance directives, powers of attorney and other related estate documents. Other no-additional-charge services include unlimited advice & consultation, review of legal documents and representation for certain legal matters.

It’s easy to use - there are no deductibles, co-payments, claim forms, fee schedules or annual caps. If you have ever forfeited your rights or given up on an issue because you didn’t know an attorney to call or didn’t think you could afford protection, this coverage will be of interest to you. You can get the legal services anytime you desire from some of the most highly respected law firms in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

In this busy and fast-paced world, how can we find the time and money to deal with legal hassles? How many times do you wish you could have had an attorney available to help answer a question or to resolve a problem? The best way to avoid large problems is to deal with them during the initial stage of development. United Legal Benefits focuses on a preventive approach to legal matters. Additionally, not all legal needs involve problems. In fact, there are many ways attorneys can assist in helping you to consider all the options available when making important family decisions such as preparing wills, adoption, or property transfers.

This program is offered by hundreds of regional employers including The American Council on Education, The American Association of Community Colleges, The American Association of Counties, The National School Board Association and numerous County Governments and organizations.

Information and enrollment material for United Legal Benefits will be distributed at our open enrollment meetings. Attending these meetings is key to understanding the program and taking advantage of the benefits. Additional information can be found on the United Legal Benefits website, www.unitedlegalbenefits.com.