Employee handbook section twelve: records management

Employee Records

The Human Resources and Risk Management Office maintains all pertinent information relative to employees. It is important that the information be kept current. Employees, therefore, are requested to notify HR of any change in the following information:



Telephone Number 

Person to notify in case of accident or illness 

Marital Status 

Number of dependents 

Life Insurance or Retirement beneficiary

Review of Personnel Records

Employees are permitted to review and add addenda to their official personnel file that is maintained in the Human Resources and Risk Management Office. Employees may review their file by contacting the Human Resources and Risk Management Office for an appointment.

Except where required by law, information contained in an employee's personnel file will not be released to external sources unless written permission to release specific information is obtained from the employee while employed by the College.

Confidentiality of Information

All employees must be aware that they are not to divulge confidential College or student information (see Section 10 Confidentiality and Related Issues Regarding Student Records.) Violation of confidentiality may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.