Employee handbook section four: hours of work

Office Hours

Administrative offices typically are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the summer). Administrative offices are also open additional hours, either during the week or on the weekend, as deemed necessary by the supervisor of the office to carry out the duties of that office.


Administrative Employee Hours

It is expected that administrative employees will work whatever additional hours are necessary to properly meet their responsibilities. Administrators classified as exempt are not eligible for overtime pay.


Remote and Hybrid Work Policy

Recognized as “a great place to work” by The Chronicle of Higher Education, ensuring the Gettysburg College employee work environment remains supportive, flexible, and equitable for all employees is an institutional priority. In order to meet the reality of 21st century work, the College is establishing and supporting this remote work policy. Hybrid/remote work allows specific employees to work from home or an off-site location, rather than commuting to the Gettysburg College campus.

Many positions at Gettysburg require an on-campus presence in order to support the undergraduate student experience. Having all employees of the College working collectively in the same place supports our mission statement and core values, including, “Our conviction that a residential college best promotes the sense of community, central to a liberal arts education, in which personal relationships between students, faculty, and staff can flourish.” However, Gettysburg College will consider hybrid or remote work as a viable work option when appropriate for a position and when both the employee and the job description align for such an arrangement. Hybrid or remote work must not present an impediment for the College, staff, students, or faculty—that is, additional work cannot be imposed upon others as a result of remote working arrangements for an individual. Additionally, expectations for timely completion of work and other performance criteria are the same for an on-campus and off-campus employee. Hybrid or remote work will not be appropriate for every position at the College. All remote work agreements will be made on a case-by-case basis. When appropriate, accommodations will be considered according to ADA standards for documented medical and/or disability needs.

Types of Work Arrangements

The College recognizes four general types of remote work arrangements. An employee or a supervisor, department or program chair can suggest remote work as a possible option.

Occasional Remote Work

Not regularly scheduled, and approved on a case-by-case basis, these requests are infrequent and not regularly scheduled. For example, an unplanned personal obligation, inclement weather, or traveling on College business could be reasons for making this ad hoc request.

Regular Hybrid Working Arrangement

Regular hybrid working arrangements can be for a defined length of time. For example, in a regular hybrid arrangement, the employee will have access to a campus workspace which may be shared with others and/or may be in an open office environment. Employees working a hybrid schedule will routinely return to campus to conduct work related activities; hybrid working days should be no more than three (3) days per week. (A longer duration will be considered remote work). New hybrid arrangements must begin with a trial period of at least three months, and then may be adjusted or discontinued at-will or at any time at the request of either the employee or the College.

Hybrid Work Arrangement during College Breaks

Many of our positions require in-person work during times when students are on campus. Employees in these positions must be accessible to our students during the academic year. However, there may be an opportunity to allow for a hybrid or remote work option during College breaks or during the summer months. 

Remote Work

Remote work consists of working from home an average 4 or 5 days per week. For the purpose of this policy, remote employees will not be required to follow an established on-campus schedule, but will be required to be available during normal business hours. Remote workers will not maintain a campus office or workspace.

Regular remote work arrangements must be in one of these states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, or Virginia. Employees can also be in the District of Columbia. In addition to the employee’s supervisor and the VP/Division Head, the Executive Director of Human Resources must approve work in any other state before a remote work agreement is established. The College reserves the right to adjust or discontinue a remote work arrangement or position at-will and at any time.

Regardless of the type of working arrangement, all employees are expected to be available during normal working hours for their respective departments. Working hours and location must be agreed upon with the employee’s supervisor, communicated to co-workers and key constituents, and maintained consistently.

You can find more information including eligibility considerations, the request and approval process, and employee responsibilities by visiting our website.



In the event of emergency conditions (i.e., storm, utility failure, fire, etc.), which seriously hamper the functioning of the College, the President may declare an emergency and announce an immediate or anticipated cancellation of classes and other scheduled events, the closing of College offices, and the discontinuance of normal maintenance operations. For reasons that are apparent or may arise, the services of some employees may be required during emergency situations. These persons will be notified as quickly as possible.


In the event of an emergency closing of the College, employees who were scheduled to work that day will receive their normal pay while the College is closed. This does not include non-benefited or casual employees at the College.

 Emergency Preparedness Program

Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure

As a residential college, Gettysburg College is responsible for its on-campus students so the College continues operations even during inclement weather. However, for the safety of students and employees, there may be times when weather conditions cause the College to keep the campus open but with modified operations (Category 1), or to close the campus and move to virtual operations for a designated period of time (Category 2). These two operational categories are described in detail below. During times of inclement weather, the Facilities Services Department will work diligently to clear sidewalks, parking lots and roadways.

Our full Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure can be found on our website.