Information for Seniors

Graduating Seniors

Transfer Students

Returning after Withdrawal

Guest Students

9th Semester

Students on Leave and Studying Abroad

Graduating seniors all campus accounts will be terminated on or around July 1. Termination includes all files on any network storage (H Drive). Exceptions to this July 1 deadline will be made for graduates who are working on-campus during the summer following graduation or for students participating in the 9th semester program. If you need an extension beyond July 1, contact IT at no later than June 20th, with your request.

  • H Drive - copy H drive contents to cd, save to your computer using SSH (Windows) or Fugi (Mac), Flash drive, external hard drive or any cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
  • Email - After graduation, each student’s email box, contacts, and calendar will be transitioned to become their alumni email box, contacts, and calendar in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud based system. By July 1 following graduation, each graduate will be able to log on to their alumni email account at Office 365, using the alumni account format of

CNAV groups - Review any CNAV groups for which you are an owner and either

  • Mark the group for deletion
  • Designate a new owner of the group and then remove yourself as owner.
  • If this is not done, you and/or your organization run the risk of having the group alias terminated.
  • Please also take yourself out of any groups that allow you to self-delete, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in your My Groups listing under the My Place menu.

Hardware - Any IT hardware that you may have such as mini-switches, satellite TV boxes, Cable modems, remote controls, camera, video recorder, laptop, power adapter, etc., must be returned to IT according to each IT departments loan agreements. You will be charged for any damaged or missing hardware.

Students transferring/withdrawing/being required to withdraw for the College similar to graduating seniors, all accounts will be terminated July 1, or one month following withdrawal. These students would be eligible for Alumni CNAV accounts after their class graduates from Gettysburg (or when they graduate should they return to Gettysburg as students); the alumni account must be requested, however, all files located on College servers, such as your H drive, will become inaccessible on July 1 or shortly thereafter.

Students who return following withdrawal - Accounts will be re-established when you return; however, no old files will be available.

Guest Students - Your accounts will be terminated at the end of the academic year. Please make a copy of your network and email materials immediately.

9th Semester Students - All accounts and files remain intact. These students will be moved to Alumni status following their 9th semester experience.

Students on Leave - All accounts are retained; files stay on servers.

Students studying abroad - all accounts are retained; files stay on servers.