Returning Students Letter

All Returning Students

Information Technology

When you return to campus in August, network registration should not be necessary if your computer or device were previously registered. All new computers and devices eligible for registration and capable of running an antivirus program will need to go through network registration in order to connect to the Gettysburg College network.

Each student has at least one Ethernet connection (jack) in their room for connecting to the internet with an Ethernet cable. Be sure to plug in devices requiring a hardwired connection into the Ethernet jack labeled either (D1 or D2) and not the telephone jack labeled (V1). Be sure to read the labels carefully. Remember, you may not add more jacks using routers, switches, hubs, wireless access points or any other device.

*Please note: Ethernet common room jacks will be activated upon request only.

Multiple computer systems including dual boot systems are permitted on the network as long as they have Windows 10 (for best security use Windows 10) or Mac OS 10.13 or higher. You can use Linux as well, but there will be limited assistance as Linux is not a primary operating system that we work with.
Student computing information, such as how to register a gaming console, Ethernet connected streaming device, an Ethernet connected Smart TV and getting help can be found on the How Do I page.

Computing assistance will be available at the West building by appointment only for the start of the semester. Contact information and hours are also posted on the G-Tech web page. Please call or email G-Tech to schedule an appointment.

G-Tech is available Monday through Friday, 10AM-4PM,

G-Tech can be reached at 717-337-6935, or through email: