Information Technology Policies

The Information Technology division strives to use its resources to best support the needs of the community. We must also from time to time develop policies to serve as guidelines to help protect the College’s resources from abuse, illegal activity, etc. This page provides an index to all current policies. Please direct any questions about these policies to Gavin Foster, Associate Vice President for IT,

  • IT Computer/Printer Replacement & Upgrade Policy Procedures and building calendar for upgrade, re-deployment and division responsibilities regarding computers and printers.
  • IT Strategic Plan Plan outlining IT’s governing principles, strategic themes, initiatives and process of assessment.
  • Network Use Policy (PDF) Provides an overview of approved uses of the network and potential actions should this policy be abused by members of the Gettysburg College community.
  • Access to Electronic Information Policy This policy sets out guidelines and processes that apply when Gettysburg College seeks access to such electronic information, consonant with the College‚Äôs interest in maintaining an environment in which free academic inquiry thrives.
  • Cybersecurity Program (PDF) Gettysburg College’s CyberSecurity program
  • Information Technology Approved Device List (PDF) Provides a list of approved devices as referenced in the Gettysburg College Network Use Policy.
  • Information Technology Standard Computers (PDF) Listing of current computers models recommended for life cycle replacements.
  • Tablet, Smart Device and BYOD Policy (PDF) Policy regarding IT support and accommodations for tablets, smart devices, and personally owned devices on the Gettysburg College network.
  • Gettysburg College Cell Phone Policy (PDF). This policy for personal mobile devices / voice and data services program will result in each user having both freedom of choice and personal responsibility for her or his personal mobile device/voice and data plan.
  • Equipment Loaner Policy (PDF)
    The equipment and portable computer loaner pool consists of a number of Windows portable computers that are made available by IT for institutional purposes in situations where there is no other computer or equipment otherwise available.
  • ITT Event Support Policy (PDF)
    Instructional Technology and Training is primarily tasked with assisting faculty in using technology in their classes, including classroom maintenance and A/V support. ITT will support a limited number of college events outside these duties. Events outside this group may receive ITT support under limited conditions, or ITT will suggest alternatives.
  • Network Game and Port Policy (PDF)
    Security features on the Gettysburg College computer network may interfere with or prevent computer games or gaming devices from working when attached to the Gettysburg College Network. This policy explains why individual requests for opening "ports" cannot be honored.
  • Student Employee Access to Administrative Systems
    It is the policy of Gettysburg College Information Technology that individuals categorized as active students of the College are prohibited from direct logon access to the administrative data systems on the administrative portion of the network.
  • PeopleSoft Application Access Policy (PDF)
    The PeopleSoft application supports the Gettysburg College community database. This policy explains how to request an account to access this database.
  • Advance C/S Application Access Policy (PDF)
    The Advance C/S application supports the College Relations and Alumni database. This policy explains how to request an account to access this database.
  • Account Eligibility for Auditing Classes Policy (PDF)
  • Web Policy
    Policy, procedures and regulations using/adding to the campus website through CMS.
  • Sharing Music and Movies
    Responsibilities, policy, use and expectations with respect to copyright law, audio and movie sharing and Digital Millennium Control Act.
  • Infrastructure and Computing (IC) Support Policy (PDF)
    Infrastructure Computing (IC) after hours support policy.
  • Supported Software on Gettysburg College Computers (PDF)