Alumni Surveys

The Office of Institutional Analysis periodically conducts alumni surveys/studies. Results from these surveys/studies provide evidence of baccalaureate outcomes; further, they enable the College to evaluate the quality and impact of undergraduate education based on alumni feedback.

First-destination reports displayed below: Data were collected at two points of time: near graduation (mid-April to early May), and then about 10-11 months after graduation. Many students accepted a job offer upon graduation, and the overwhelming majority of the remaining individuals planning to work found employment within 6 months after graduation. The annual final report was usually available in late June or early July. Check out our placement rates in recent year. For lists of employers and graduate schools, please visit our Outcomes Dashboard (First Destinations)

Note. (1) Starting from the 2021 Graduating Class, the Office of Institutional Analysis no longer provides an annual outcomes report; please contact the Center for Career Engagement for detailed results; you can find the summary statistics and employment and graduate school information from the Outcomes Dashboard. (2) Most of the following reports used not only self-reported survey data, but also data collected from other sources (primarily LinkedIn).