Alumni Surveys

The Office of Institutional Analysis regularly conducts alumni surveys/studies. Results from these surveys/studies not only provide evidence of baccalaureate outcomes, but also enable the College to evaluate the quality and impact of undergraduate education based on alumni feedback.

For the one-year-out/first destination outcomes report, data were collected at two points of time: near graduation (mid-April to early May), and then about 10-11 months after graduation. Many students accepted a job offer upon graduation, and the overwhelming majority of the remaining individuals planning to work found employment within 6 months after graduation. The annual final report is usually available in late June or early July. Check out the key findings on placement rates, career outcomes by race/ethnicity, and graduate school degree information. For a list of graduate schools students were accepted into upon graduation, see Survey Highlights.

Note that some reports used not only self-reported survey data, but also data from other sources (e.g., LinkedIn).

A College network username and password are required to access the full reports of survey findings below.