International Student Mentor Program

The International Student Mentor Program at Gettysburg College brings together a group of dedicated upper-class students to work with and mentor first-year international students at Gettysburg College.  An international student mentor will be a campus resource, cultural guide and friend to the first-year international students during their transition to life at Gettysburg College.

Mentor Program

Mentors will assigned to a new international students based on academic and socials interests, and will meet individually with their mentees 5 times per semester in both the fall and spring semesters (10 meetings total for the academic year).  The goals for these meetings are as follows:

  • Learn to understand and use campus resources effectively
  • Develop skills to adapt quickly to an out-of-comfort zone environment through recognizing cultural norms, communicating effectively, and shifting perspectives
  • Connect to current domestic students who share the same academic and social interests
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and learn strategies to be successful

If you are a first-year international student and would like join the mentor program, please fill out an application by Friday, June 10th. If you are unable to access Google Forms to fill out the application, please email Brad Lancaster to receive a different version of the application.  Mentors and Mentees will be matched during the summer and will meet at an event during the first week of classes.