International Club Constitution


We, the members of the International Club, do hereby establish this Constitution, which shall take effect on the 1st day of September in the year 2004 and supercede all previous documents. The constitution has been amended on the following dates: March 8, 2009.

ARTICLE 1. Purpose

Section 1 – Definition

The International Club aims to promote awareness in international cultures. The International Club hopes to foster a friendly exchange of cultural ideas, practices and traditions amongst between students, staff, faculty, administrators and members of the local community of the various cultures they represent. The International Club strives to create an environment whereby all members of the Gettysburg College community embrace and celebrate all the cultures of the world.

ARTICLE 2. Organizational Structure

Section 1 - Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Programming Coordinator and Historian of the International Club.
  2. The Executive Committee shall meet on a weekly basis to coordinate the agenda, events and programs.
  3. The Executive Committee shall be charged with continual constitutional review and propose amendments as deemed necessary.
  4. One member of the Executive Committee shall attend required Student Senate meetings.

Section 2 - Division of Responsibility


  1. To provide leadership for the International Club.
  2. To call and preside over all club meetings and executive meetings.
  3. To act as the primary spokesperson for the International Club in dealing with the faculty, the administration and other student organizations.


  1. To assume the duties of the President in the event of absence and to succeed the office in the event of vacancy.
  2. To coordinate International Club Executive Committee elections.
  3. In the event that the Vice-president is running for a position on the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall appoint from within its committee another individual to fulfill those responsibilities.
  4. To arrange transportation for all International Club events as needed.


  1. To manage accurate financial records for the International Club's budget.
  2. To execute financial transactions upon the consent of the Executive Committee.
  3. To act as a liaison between the Executive Committee and the Student Senate Treasurer regarding financial issues.
  4. To prepare a budget with the assistance of the Executive Board to be presented to the Student Senate Budget Management Committee.


  1. To keep accurate minutes of all International Club and Executive Committee meetings and send them to the club promptly.
  2. To act as the coordinator of public relations.
  3. To maintain accurate attendance records.

Social Programming Coordinator

  1. To plan International Club activities and events with approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. To coordinate International Club activities and events that have been approved by the Executive Committee.


  1. To maintain accurate historical records of the International Club.
  2. To present historical records for the year to the International Club.
  3. To research the necessary cultural and historical backgrounds for different events and celebrations.

Section 3 - Advisor

  1. To provide advice and guidance to the International Club.
  2. To attend a monthly meeting with the International Club Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 3. Procedures

Section 1 - Membership

  1. Membership to the International Club is open to all full-time matriculating Gettysburg College students as well as faculty, administrators, staff members and Gettysburg community members.
  2. Active members are defined as those that have attended a majority of the meetings.
  3. Exceptions can be made by the Executive Committee based on participation in club events, activities, programs and interest.
  4. An exception shall require a simple majority for approval by the Executive Committee.
  5. Inactive members are those that do not meet the above-mentioned criteria.

Section 2 - Time and Location of Meetings

  1. The Executive Committee of the International Club shall determine the time and location of the meetings at the beginning of every semester.
  2. The meetings shall be held at least on biweekly basis.

Section 3 - Amendment Procedure

  1. Amendments to this constitution may be recommended by any active member of the International Club.
  2. Amendments, which shall be submitted in written form, may be proposed at any regular meeting of the International Club.
  3. No vote shall take place until two weeks have passed since the submission of the Amendment.
  4. Approval of the amendment shall require a 2/3 vote of active members of the International Club.

Section 4 - Impeachment Procedures

  1. Any active member of the International Club has the authority to initiate impeachment proceedings.
  2. An Impeachment Trial will be set for one week following the initiation of impeachment proceedings.
  3. The President of the organization shall preside over the Impeachment Trial. In the event that the President is being impeached then the Vice-president shall preside over the Impeachment Trial.
  4. Impeachment and removal from office shall require a 4/5 vote by active members of the International Club.
  5. Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend beyond removal from office.
  6. Any International Club Officer or member that is impeached and removed from office shall not be able to hold office in the future.

Section 5 - Presidential Procedures

  1. The President of the International Club shall be able to postpone or delay a meeting of the International Club. The President shall also be able to call emergency meetings.

ARTICLE 4. Election

Section 1 - Eligibility

  1. All current active members are eligible for nomination for candidacy for positions in the Executive Committee.
  2. Students who are knowingly studying off campus for either one semester of the full term of office shall be eligible for nomination for all positions except for the position of the club president.
  3. A candidate staying on campus only one semester must agree with another student to serve at the position during the semester of his/her absence. During the voting procedure, the two candidates shall be listed jointly (as if they were one full year candidate), making it clear that each of them will serve one semester.
  4. Full year candidacy is strongly encouraged to promote continuity of the Executive Committee.
  5. Nominations will be accepted no later than the meeting one week prior to Election Day.

Section 2 - Election Procedure

  1. Elections are held annually on a date, at the end of March, to be determined by the Executive Committee during a regular meeting of the International Club.
  2. Active members of the International Club can also vote at the advisor's office during hours to be names by the Executive Committee and the advisor.
  3. Those nominated will prepare a short statement and present to the entire International Club through email with president’s assistance or on the date of the election.
  4. Only active and inactive members shall have the ability to vote and each shall be allowed only one vote.
  5. All elections shall be conducted on paper ballots.
  6. The Vice-President shall, in collaboration with their advisor, count all ballots within forty-eight hours of the election.

Section 3 - Vacancy of Office

  1. In the event of a vacancy within the Executive Committee with less than two months remaining before the month of April, the President of the International Club has the ability to appoint an individual to the position with consent of the Executive Committee.
  2. In the event of a vacancy with more than two months remaining before the month of April, then a special election will be held to fill that position. The same election procedures shall be used during this special election.