Message from the Chaplain

Spring 2022: A message from Bright, new Director for Religious & Spiritual Life and the College Chaplain

Greetings Gettysburg,

My name is Bright and I am the new Director for Religious & Spiritual Life and the College Chaplain. I am so thankful to become a part of the Gettysburg community. I must confess that I am a follower of Jesus of Christ and that it is the wisdom of God that has brought me here. I have to thank my village of family and friends whose love gives me courage. It has made me ready to take up this work as my own. My calling is advocate for the inherent dignity of every person and to facilitate the religious, spiritual, and intellectual freedom we are all entitled to.

I mean to bring to the forefront of our thinking and experience that which we cannot explain or ignore, but hold us together, and accountable. Gettysburg College is a place with a vibrant religious and spiritual life and history. In my time here, I hope to create more opportunities and pathways whereby the sacredness of life at Gettysburg College is acknowledged and celebrated. I look forward to serving and getting to know each of you as we embark on this journey together.

Be encouraged in every way.