Upperclass RISE


Gettysburg College offers substance free housing through the RISE program. RISE stands for Respecting Individual Students Expectations about alcohol and drugs. As suggested in the name the main goal of the program is to create an environment where student choices are respected not only at RISE events or with-in our house, but campus-wide. We seek to involve anyone who is interested in our alternative social programming. By becoming a member of RISE, whether it is as a house member, or as a member of the campus RISE community who is interested in our programming you are choosing to be respectful of everyone’s choices and being responsible for your own decisions.

Upper class students are involved in the program in two ways. The first is to choose to be a participant by asking to be added to the RISE email alias. Through the email alias students will learn about upcoming meetings or programs and have the opportunity to share program ideas with RISE staff members. Contact the current House Leaders to get added to the alias. The second way to be involved as an upper class student is to live in the RISE House: 227 Carlisle St.

Living in the RISE House

Students who choose to live in the RISE house make a commitment to maintain a living environment which promotes and respects healthy lifestyle choices.

Upperclass students who select to live in a RISE room agree to:

  • Live in an environment that promotes and respects healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Live in a residential environment where alcohol and tobacco are not present nor used, and no drugs are used contrary to prescription or law.**
  • Be an active and engaged member of the RISE community.
  • Abide by 24-hour quiet hours.
  • Attend all house meetings as determined by the House Leaders.

**All students are reminded that they must comply with campus alcohol and drug policies, which can be found in the Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

RISE members who fail to fulfill the RISE program residency responsibilities are subject to relocation and, when appropriate, may be sanctioned through the campus student conduct system.

If you would like to live in the RISE House, please contact the House Leader: Annie Bolenbaugh.

RISE Programming

RISE students and staff work collaboratively to coordinate on campus and off campus programs that focus on helping students to create strong relationship bonds with other students and to have fun. The RISE program is supported by the Student Activities fee. The RISE program also collaborates with other offices to put design and implement programs.  Some RISE programs include:

  • A trip to Hershey Park
  • A trip to DC
  • A trip to the National Apple Harvest Festival
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Colorings Book events
  • Annual House Dinner/ Open house
  • Game Nights
  • Laser Tag

The RISE program has one house leader and is overseen by Andy Hileman, Associate Director of Residential Education. If you have questions concerning the RISE program please contact Andy Hileman.