Frederick Wright Jones: Pantheon

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Exhibition runs through May 13, 2023


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Frederick Wright Jones: Pantheon


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Artist Frederick Wright Jones is inspired by utilitarian and folk objects and ideas: religious reliquaries, merchandise, illustration, and propaganda. Though tactile, his multimedia objects and installations materialize things we cannot see and forces we cannot measure, visualizing his deepest fears, darkest thoughts, and biggest uncertainties. His work is a method of researching the contradictions of the human condition and his life narrative. On his way to teaching, alongside raising a family and continuing his artistic research, Frederick Wright Jones has 13 years of experience working as a rope-supported arborist. The inherent risks, team oriented dynamic, exposure to the elements, and intensity with material connected to urban forestry, all feed into his sculptural practice. An Associate Professor of sculpture at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, Frederick is currently working with the mapping of history and memory. He is currently collaborating with a Providence, RI-based group, mapping histories of Black and Indigenous inhabitants.