The reports found in this section of the website can help provide a good measure of a chapter's success and are a valuable resource to current chapter leadership, alumni, headquarter staff, parents, and prospective members as they consider joining a fraternity or sorority.

Evaluation Reports

Every fall the fraternities and sororities at Gettysburg College are evaluated on their performance during the previous calendar year in the areas of academic achievement and intellectual engagement, member recruitment and retention, community engagement, and organizational management. Each chapter's most recent evaluation provides the best snapshot of its current overall performance.

GPA Reports

Academic success has always been central to the goals and missions of Gettysburg College and it's fraternities and sororities. The GPA reports help to clarify the impact individuals chapters are having on their members academically while also showing comparisons between fraternity and sorority members, and the greater Gettysburg College community.

Conduct Reports

Fraternities and sororities are held to a high conduct standard at Gettysburg College. The conduct reports are to help our fraternity and sorority constituents understand the current and previous status of our individual chapters and the community as a whole.

New Member Education Calendars

The new member education process can span between a few days to up to eight weeks. Chapters submit a new member education plan prior to the start of the semester which receives review from representation from Advisors, the Chapter's Headquarters, and the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life. The calendars listed on this page serve as a tool for new members, parents of new members, etc. to have a better understanding of time expectations through these processes.

Note: If you know a new member process has deviated from the listed schedule, please notify the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life or the Department of Public Safety.

If there are other reports or information you would like to know more about, please contact the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.