Gettysburg College Anti-Hazing Policy

Anti-Hazing Policy (x6900)

The entire policy writing regarding this topic is far too long to include in this easy-to-use booklet. Please visit the Office of College Life to obtain the entire policy and/or talk with the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities about your concerns regarding hazing.

Gettysburg College opposes all forms of hazing. From a legal perspective, hazing is a crime. From an individual student's perspective, hazing damages the self-esteem of the targets of the hazing. From an organizational perspective, hazing degrades the values of the organization. From a campus community perspective, hazing creates an environment of disrespect that contradicts the values of our community. For all of these reasons, the College takes a strong position against any and all forms of hazing. Please note that the College's anti-hazing policy applies to all student organizations.

Gettysburg College's definition of Hazing:

Any action taken, created, or situated, (on or off campus) to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule that is directed at new or prospective members of a recognized student organization. An individual, an individual against an organization, or an organization against an individual, may perpetuate such actions. In case of violations, individuals and an organization as a whole may be subject to disciplinary action. Please note that the consent of those hazed will not be accepted as a defense for hazing activities. The severity of the penalty for a hazing offense will be determined in proportion to the hazing activity. In addition to Gettysburg College's Anti-Hazing policy, students must also comply with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Anti-Hazing law.