Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee is an organization composed of members of the student body, faculty, and College administration. This committee has responsibility for studying matters and developing policies pertaining to student life and student conduct. Business may be brought to the committee or legislation proposed by any member of the College community. The committee refers major issues to the appropriate student, faculty, and administrative bodies for discussion and debate before resolution. The committee makes recommendations to the College’s president, who accepts, rejects, or refers them to the Board of Trustees prior to implementation.

Student Life Committee Members


Julie L. Ramsey, College Life, Box 399, Office phone: x6921

Jeff Foster, College Life Box 399, Office phone: x6908

Ron Wiafe, College Life, Box 399, Office phone: x6907

Brad Lancaster, International Student Support, Box 2448, Office phone: x6377

Jack Ryan, Provost, Box 410, Office phone: x6826


Christopher Kauffman, Professor, Theatre Arts, Office phone: x6062

Tsu-ting Tim Lin, Assistant Professor, Economics, Office phone: x6665

Kaoru Miyazawa, Associate Professor, Education, Office phone: X6553


Inayah Sherry, Class of 2019

Kayla Cooper, Class of 2019.

Nicholas Arbaugh, Senate President, Class of 2020

Please contact any of the SLC members with any questions or comments.