Funds for Student Professional Papers and Conferences (SPPC)

In compliance with the college's policy regarding COVID-19, we are currently not accepting travel-related SPPC and AREA funding requests until further notice.

Types of projects supported:

  • Attendance by students at professional meetings. Due to budget constraints, only students who are presenting a paper or poster at the conference will be considered for support.
  • Only one request may be awarded to a student per fiscal year, (June 1 through May 31).
  • No more than five (5) students per faculty member will be supported to attend any one conference.
  • The funding may be used for such things as poster printing and/or travel expenses. No reimbursement funding will be allowed to defray the cost of food/meals.

Who may apply:

  • All students with the sponsorship of a faculty member within the discipline in which the project resides.

Application Deadlines:

Applications MUST be received two weeks prior to the conference. Retroactive funding will not be considered.

SemesterDate of ConferenceApplication PeriodReimbursement Deadline
(date by which receipts are delivered to OSSE
Fall Semester Not currently accepting n/a n/a
Winter Break Not currently accepting n/a n/a
Spring Semester Jan 11 - May 31 TBD TBD
Summer Break June 1 - Aug 30 TBD TBD

How to Apply:

Applying for SPPC funds is a two-step process:

  1. Students who are requesting these funds need to fill out the Provost Student Professional Papers and Conferences Funding Application
  2. Faculty mentors will receive an e-mail version of the student’s application and, upon review, will be asked to indicate their approval by forwarding the e-mail to, having typed “I approve” in the message section of the e-mail. It should be noted that, ideally, the student and the faculty mentor will have met in person to discuss the specifics of the request but the approval process itself will be done via e-mail.

Distribution of Funds

  • As a recipient of Provost Senior Project funding, you must submit a brief report (250 words) of your research/creative project upon completion via the Student Funding Report form found on the Student Scholarly Engagement website. Please note that it’s your responsibility to complete and submit this form, which must be completed prior to receiving reimbursement. Failure to do so may be considered a violation of the College’s Honor Code.
  • Submit original receipts to your department’s Administrative Assistant for processing. It is best to submit all of the receipts together if possible. Be sure to mark each of the original receipts (no copies) with your name and the business purpose. Please note: Expenses should not be paid by the faculty mentor’s personal funds, including credit card.

  • Provide the Administrative Assistant with your home address, campus box, and campus ID #. They will complete a check request form and attach these receipts to it. The account number for these funds is 62716-11100-29053-01. The check request form, receipts, and proof of completed report, (forward the confirmation email to the department admin) will then be submitted to OSSE at box 2960 no later than the deadline indicated on your award letter.