Graduate degree completion or enrollment five years after graduation

Five years after graduation (as of Fall 2021), 36.2% of the Gettysburg 2016 graduating class have received a graduate/professional degree; 12.3% are enrolled in a graduate degree program. After removing duplicates (i.e., those having received a graduate/professional degree and enrolled in a second graduate/professional degree program), 45% of this graduating class have received and/or are enrolled in a graduate/professional degree program five years after graduating from Gettysburg.

Degree received Percent (among alumni having received a graduate degree)
Second Bachelor's 5%
Master's 74%
Doctoral degree 20%
Other degree 1.6%
Total 100%
Degree being pursued Percent (among alumni currently enrolled in a graduate degree)
Master's 46%
Doctoral degree 52%
Other degree 1.5%
Total 100%

Data Source: Five-Year-Out Alumni Outcomes Study conducted by the Office of Institutional Analysis (2016 graduating class; data collected in Fall 2021 through an on-line survey and LinkedIn profile search.)