Student Body

Enrollment by gender and year

In Fall 2020, total enrollment of full-time, degree-seeking students is 2,531 (47.5% men; 52.5% women).

Enrollment of international students and students of color

In Fall 2020, 24.3% of the student body is composed of domestic students of color and international students.

Geographical distribution of domestic students

In Fall 2020, among all full-time, degree-seeking students, 4.4% are international, 27% are from Pennsylvania, and 69% are out-of-state. Gettysburg domestic students come from 40 states or territories, and the District of Columbia.

Geographical distribution of international students

In Fall 2020, 113 international students, representing 36 different countries or territories/regions, are enrolled at the College, bringing diverse cultures and perspectives to the classroom and campus community.