Ethical Protocol and IRB Review for Students and Faculty

For Students Doing Research in an Anthropology Methods Class

The federal and college policy regarding students and IRB approval is that they do not need to fill out forms to get IRB approval if the work is "for pedagogical purposes only." In other words, if the work is for a class and will only be assessed by the professor and presented at Celebration, there is no need to go through the process. If, however, it will be published, presented publicly anywhere other than Celebration, or put on the Internet (including on Cupola), you do need to seek approval from the college IRB.

For Students Doing an Honors Thesis or Independent Study Research Project

The department's policy, worked out with the college's IRB, is that anthropology students who do work that is exempt or expedited (most anthropological research), must do two things:

  • Have project details reviewed by Professor Donna Perry (or the faculty overseeing the research) to confirm that the methods qualify as exempt or expedited. This can be done by having an anthropology faculty member review a research proposal or engage in a discussion about research methods rather than by having the student fill out an IRB form.
  • Complete the CITI training modules listed on the linked document and receive an 80% score or higher (CITI provides training in research with human subjects)

*note: depending on the research proposed, the student may be asked to complete additional modules.

In doing this, the student receives ex officio IRB approval for exempt or expedited research. Students who do research that requires full review must submit a proposal to the college’s IRB and also complete the CITI training modules indicated on the linked document. All students are encouraged to review the department’s ethics contract, familiar to those who have taken ANTH 324 “Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology,” and available here as a resource.

For Faculty Doing Research

Faculty doing research with human subjects must follow the procedures outlined on the college’s IRB website, and complete the appropriate form to the college IRB for review. They must also complete the CITI training modules listed on the linked document, as well as any additional modules that pertain to their research.