Funding Opportunities for Anthropology Majors

Overview and Guidelines:

The Department of Anthropology has received a generous donation from the parent of one of our alumni. These funds will be used to support student research or related activities. Examples of related activities include conference attendance, training in archaeological fieldwork through participation in an archaeological field school or volunteering with an archaeological project, volunteering with a museum, or doing an internship that provides opportunities for participant-observation of an anthropologically relevant topic. This list is not meant to be exhaustive and applicants are encouraged to propose other activities or experiences. Funds may be used for travel expenses, equipment and supplies, or to pay some or all of the cost of tuition or related fees, up to the limits specified below. Other uses of the funds are possible and will be decided on a case by case basis based on the proposal. However, funds may not be used for meals or food. In order to provide funding opportunities to as many students as possible, we have set a limit of $500.00 on each grant, although the faculty may decide to override this policy for any individual student or in general if the majority of the anthropology faculty votes to do so. The Department expects that students will explore other funding opportunities as well, such as the funds available through the Provost’s Department, to supplement the grant that we may offer. It is also expected that students may have to cover some of the costs themselves. In order to extend the benefits of the donation, we will distribute no more than $1500.00 each year until the donation is exhausted.

Students applying for funding must be anthropology majors.
First year students, sophomores, and juniors may apply to use their funds during the school year or the summer. Seniors may apply for funding to be used during the school year but not for the summer after they graduate. Applicants are encouraged to consult with their adviser during the application process. When the application has been completed, the applicant must send it to their adviser. Once the adviser has endorsed the application, he or she will send to the Department Chair for distribution to all faculty in the department. The faculty of the Department of Anthropology will decide which proposals to fund and to what amount. Recipients will be expected to keep an accounting of their use of the funds and to submit a short report to the Department describing their activities while holding the grant.

Application for Funding (PDF)

We encourage applicants to also apply for funding available through the Provost’s office. Any funds received from other sources can supplement the funding received from the department.

Deadlines: Applications will be considered four times a year.

  • October 15 (for fall semester projects)
  • December 15 (for winter break projects)
  • February 15 (for spring semester projects)
  • April 15 (for summer projects, available to all majors except graduating seniors).