Musselman Lecture Series

2024 Musselman Visiting Scientist

Prof. Karen Wooley, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University

Please join Chemistry faculty and students for Professor Wooley's lecture series offered on April 10, 11,12.  Time and locations are still to be determined.  Please check back for more details.

The Gettysburg College Chemistry Department hosts an annual lecture series sponsored by the Musselman Endowment for Visiting Scientists and has invited prominent scientists to present their research on topics of current interest each year since 1980.

The Musselman Company was founded in 1907 by C.H. Musselman in Biglerville, Pennsylvania. In 1941 the Musselman Foundation was created out of company profits to provide funds for numerous projects in the local area. Among these have been gifts to Gettysburg College, which have been responsible for the construction of Musselman Stadium, Library, and Dormitory as well as for scholarships and grants. Much of this support was provided under the auspices of John A. Hauser, who joined the Musselman Company in 1934. In 1944, upon the death of C.H. Musselman, Mr. Hauser became the president of the Musselman Company and the Musselman Foundation. A resident of Biglerville for nearly 50 years until his death in April 1983, Mr. Hauser was an active civic leader and supporter of Gettysburg College activities. His friendship with the late Dr. John B. Zinn, Professor of Chemistry and Chairman at Gettysburg College from 1924- 1959 resulted in the Musselman Endowment for Visiting Scientists. A gift of $25,000 in 1977 and 1978 “in honor of Dr. Zinn” formed the Endowment, the income from which is used each year to support visits by well-known chemists who share their expertise with faculty and students.

During the Visiting Scientists' stay at Gettysburg College, they present an intensive lecture series on topics of current interest. These talks are well-attended by faculty and students from within the Chemistry Department, the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program and other science departments as well as faculty and students from other area colleges and universities. The series sharpens the knowledge of participants and increases contacts with chemists from universities and from industry.

In response to the 2020 Pandemic, the Chemistry Department cancelled the 2020-21 Musselman Visiting Scientist Program for the first time in 40 years. We also had to cancel the 2021-22 program due to ongoing COVID concerns.  We were delighted to resume the lecture series with Dr. Andy Borovik as our 2023 Musselman Visiting Scientist.

Previous Musselman Visiting Scientists

2023 Andy Borovik
2020 Helen Blackwell
2019 Sharon Hammes-Schiffer
2018 Omar M. Yaghi
2017 Stephen J. Lippard
2016 Ka Yee C. Lee
2015 Richard R. Schrock
2014 Marisa Kozlowski
2013 Daniel G. Nocera
2012 Steven G. Boxer
2011 Thomas E. Meade
2010 Esther S. Takeuchi
2009 Thomas E. Mallouk
2008 Dennis A. Dougherty
2007 F. Fleming Crim
2006 Erik J. Sorensen
2005 Carolyn R. Bertozzi
2004 Richard N. Zare
2003 Harry B. Gray
2002 Arthur B. Ellis
2001 Chad A. Mirkin
2000 Cynthia M. Friend
1999 Thomas F. George ‘67
1998 Amos B. Smith, III
1997 Kenneth N. Raymond
1996 W. Wallace Cleland
1995 Marcetta Darensbourg
1994 J. Michael Bishop ‘57
1993 Jeremy M. Berg
1992 Royce W. Murray
1991 Bert Fraser-Reid
1990 James P. Collman
1989 Marye Anne Fox
1988 Ronald Breslow
1987 Thomas J. Meyer
1986 Kathlyn A. Parker
1985 Jack E. Baldwin
1984 Daryle H. Busch
1983 Leallyn B. Clapp
1982 Ernest L. Eliel
1981 Fred W. McLafferty
1980 Clark E. Bricker ‘39