Gettysburg College’s distinctive Civil War Era Studies (CWES) minor, housed in the Civil War Institute, draws on the college’s unique historical location to integrate classroom experiences and experiential learning with the power of place. Minors have access to a wide range of courses, fellowship experiences, internship opportunities, and scholarly networks to enhance their understanding of the Civil War era and its continued resonance in contemporary American society.

At Gettysburg, the battlefield itself serves as an outdoor classroom for the study of the Civil War – but that study extends far beyond the field itself to encompass the social, cultural, artistic, economic, literary, and political dimensions of the conflict itself and the years that preceded and followed it. Students also have many opportunities to explore how the events and unresolved questions of the Civil War and Reconstruction period continue to affect American society in the 21st century and how historical memory of the era has been constructed and deployed over time.

Recent Graduates Are Employed By:

  • National Park Service
  • Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
  • Sam Houston State University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
  • Thomas Jefferson Foundation
  • Four Score Consulting, LLC
  • Cardinal Education
  • Pamplin Historical Park
  • City of Columbia, SC
  • SAE International
  • Old Dominion University