College Store

The College Bookstore account has a charge limit per student of up to $750 for books and merchandise during the first full month of classes. After that, the available charge limit is set to up to $200 per month, depending on the Student Account balance status. Students with an unpaid student account balance may not have the full charge limit available to them.

The monthly charges from the College Bookstore are transferred to the Student Account at the beginning of each month and appear on the online monthly billing statement as “Transfer from College Store”. Full payment for any amount charged at the College Bookstore is expected by the due date on the billing statement with the charge from the College Bookstore on it. In addition, a College Bookstore transactional summary is available monthly on the GBURG Billing online billing and payment system.

The College Bookstore also accepts cash, checks, Barnes and Noble gift cards, MasterCard and Visa as methods of payment.

A student’s College Bookstore account may be closed at the discretion of the Student Accounts Office or upon written request sent to