Semester Tuition, Room and Meals (Comprehensive Fee)

Gettysburg College bills each full-time student tuition, room and meals (also referred to as the comprehensive fee), on a semester by semester basis. A full-time student is one registering for at least three courses per semester.

Fees for books and supplies, telephone, certain private music lessons, optional off-campus courses, and optional health insurance coverage are in addition to the comprehensive fee.

2022-23 Fees

Tuition - Full Time Student: $61,760

Meal Plans

USA Plan (Unlimited Servo Access): $6,920
*required for all First year students

Servo Plus – (Includes $125 Dining Dollars, Plus Lite Fare, Plus Portability): $6,920**
**Not available to First Year students

Traditional 12/$200 Meal Plan: $5,800

Apartment 7 Meal Plan: $3,040

Room Rates

Regular Room: $8,010

Middle Rate Room: $9,150

Single or Apartment Room: $10,080

Special Student Fees and Per Course Charges

Part-time matriculating students will be charged $8,000 per course.

Students completing their student teaching requirement as a 9th semester course will be charged a Post Graduate Student Teaching course charge of $5,140.

Any student who is not a candidate for a degree will be charged at the rate of $4,000 per course.

Music Lesson charges for non-majors are $275 - one weekly half hour lesson.

Students electing to participate in a non-affiliated global study program will be billed a Non-Affiliated Global Study Fee (each semester) that covers the administrative services provided by Gettysburg College for the student. The fee for this year is $2,150.