Transfer Student Application Process

Gettysburg welcomes applications from students interested in transferring to the College. Transfer students applying for the spring semester should submit their application by November 1, and students applying for the fall semester should apply by April 15; transfers applying after those preferred deadline dates should do so as soon as possible.

Reactivating the application
Students who have previously applied to Gettysburg College and now wish to reactivate their application must submit a Gettysburg College Application Reactivation form. In order to update and complete the application, send the final secondary school transcript, college transcript(s), the College Report, and the Instructor Evaluation form.

Applying for the first time
Transfer students should submit an application for admission, the final secondary school transcript, SAT and/or ACT results, college transcript(s), the College Report, and the Instructor Evaluation form. Transfer students who do not wish to have SAT or ACT results considered for admission can choose to apply under the College's Test Optional Policy.

Transfer of credits
Transfer credits are granted provisionally for individual courses passed with a C or better at approved institutions, provided that these courses fit reasonably well into the Gettysburg curriculum. During the first semester, transfer students must review the graduation requirements with their academic advisor or the Registrar. Transfers are required to earn all additional credit at Gettysburg College or through a regular College-approved program of off-campus study. In order to complete the transfer of course credits, transfer students are required to complete one year of satisfactory work at Gettysburg College. All transfer students must satisfy the course requirements in their major area of interest.

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