Study Abroad

Frequently asked questions about studying abroad

Q: Should I go?

A: Yes! We believe that studying abroad can be a life changing experience, and is an important part of your Gettysburg education.

Q: Can I take courses abroad that count toward the ES major?

A: Yes! Two upper level electives taken abroad or in another department can count toward the ES major. We suggest looking for courses that will fit into your areas of concentration.

Q: There’s only one semester that I could possibly study abroad, and that happens to be the only semester that a course for my concentration is offered. Do I really have to choose between studying abroad and completing my concentration?

A: Your advisor will help you identify substitute course for your concentration, maybe even one that you can take abroad. Also, note that it is also possible to study abroad the spring semester of your sophomore year, or the fall semester of your senior year.

Q: I’m doing the BS degree. Between the core courses and the year-long science sequences, is it even possible to study abroad?

A: Usually, yes! Check out these 4 sample scenarios for doing exactly that:

4 Potential Study Abroad Scenarios

  • Scenario # 1: Starting ES BS first year fall
  • Scenario #2: Starting ES BS first year spring
  • Scenario #3: Starting ES BS sophomore year fall
  • Scenario #4: 1 starting ES BS sophomore year spring (previously took 1 science sequence)
Scenario # 1 Scenario #2 Scenario #3 Scenario #4
  Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
First Year Bio 111 Bio 112   ES196     Bio 111 Bio 112
  Chem107 Chem 108   ES230        
Sophomore ES211 ES225 ES223 ES225 ES196 ES225   ES196
  ES223 ES230 Chem107 Chem 108 Bio 111 ES230   ES230
      Bio 111 Bio 112   Bio 112    
Junior Abroad? Abroad? ES211 Abroad? ES211 Abroad? ES211 Abroad?
          ES223   ES223  
Senior Abroad?   Abroad?   Chem 107 Chem 108 Chem 107 Chem 108

Q: Great, you’ve convinced me! Where should I go?

A: Many ES majors go to Denmark or Australia, and have good experiences. We suggest that students also consider programs that will expand their cultural horizons a bit more. The School for International Training (SIT) offers great programs all over the world, including China, Mongolia, Panama, Ecuador, and Tanzania. SIT programs always include a homestay and a research or internship experience. Many foreign universities offer direct enrollment programs where you live in dorms and take English language classes with the regular student population. The University of Capetown (South Africa), University of Tromsø (Norway), or American University in Cairo (Egypt), are all great options for direct enrollment. The Center for Global Education can help you explore all your options!