Study Abroad Fellowship

The Susan Gibble Wolf Fellowship

The Susan Gibble Wolf Fellowship provides support for students studying for at least one semester in a German-speaking country. Second preference goes to students participating in short-term program in a German-speaking country. The award can be given to first-year, sophomore, junior, or senior students. The fellowship is designed to enhance the study-abroad experience by aiding student-designed projects that are carried out while abroad. Examples of such projects include research, a post-semester internship, cultural experiences, or travel to cultural heritage sites. Awards range from $250 – $500 and must be used while abroad. Selection and award amount are based on the merit of the project.

Applicants must fill out an application in the semester before they study abroad. Applications for fall semester projects are due by the first Friday after Spring Break; applications for spring semester projects are due by the Friday after Fall Reading Days.

Recipients of the Susan Gibble Wolf Fellowship

Congratulations to all recipients!

Spring 2019

Rachel Crowe ’20, “Exploring Literature and Writing in Vienna”

Kyle McIntyre ’20, “Berlin and Bonn: A Tale of Two Cities”

Brendan Salyards ’20, “Berlin: The Legacy of the Hohenzollerns”

Zack Sobeck ’20, “The Habsburgs: Exploring the Legacy of the Greatest European Dynasty in Modern-Day Vienna”

Aidan Wright ’20, “Exploration of Munich: A World War II Perspective”

Spring 2017
Lauren Bradford ’18, “Finally Finding My Roots”
Tylor Behm ’18, “World War II Across Austrian Cities”

Fall 2017
Hayley Bell ’19, “Beauty and Control: The Image of Empress Sisi”

Spring 2016
Piper O’Keefe ’17, “The Muslim Community in Berlin”
Lauren Ashley Bradford ’18, “Wurzeln: Abstammung"

Spring 2015
Kim Longfellow '16, "An Analysis of Dresden Architecture and the Frauenkirche: Historically Authentic or Postmodern Pastiche?"

Spring 2014
Ann Sasala '15, "In His Footsteps: A Second Generation American's Look at the Country Her Grandfather Loved"
Matt Nadler '15, "Funding for the Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch"

Fall 2013
Martina Khalek '15, "Spaces, Places & Reflecting: Berlin Architecture"

Spring 2013
Sarah Hayes '14, "In Search of Maria Theresa and Elisabeth: Female Habsburgs in Modern Day Vienna"

Fall 2012
Nicole Elder '14, "Motives of German Emigration in the 1700s," travel to Hamburg and Siegen
Ned Strasbaugh '14, "Ich bin ein Berliner: Multiculturalism and Identity in Berlin," travel to Berlin
Elizabeth Topolosky '14, "Rediscovering Family History Through the Holocaust," travel in several countries

Spring 2012
Connor Lees '13, for visiting museums and historical sites in Bavaria

Fall 2011
Jonathan Hofe '13, for attending the National Theater's performance of Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" in Weimar and exploring the political side of Berlin
Hilary Landfried '13, for exploring the vestiges of the Wiener Moderne in Vienna