Judaic Studies Course Listing

Introductory Core Course:

IDS 214: Introduction to Judaism

5 Cross-listed or Affiliated Courses:
CIMS/GER 235: The Holocaust Through Film
CLA 255/355
ENG 261: After Auschwitz: Literature of Witness
GER 225: Yiddish Literature in Translation
GER 265: Antisemitism and Jewish Responses in Lit and Film
GER 285: European Jews: History, Holocaust, Future
GER 351: The German-Jewish Experience
HIST 218: Modern Germany
IDS 229: The Longest Hatred: Antisemitism & Anti-Judaism
IDS 238: Religion & Politics in the Middle East
IDS 265: Jewish Thought and the Enlightenment
IDS 331: Religion and Technology
IDS 338: Ethics after the Holocaust
PHIL 265: Jewish Humor: From Teyve to Seinfeld
REL 105: Bible & Modern Moral Issues
REL 204: History, Literature, and Religion of the Hebrew Scriptures
REL 205: History, Literature, and Religion of the New Testament
REL 237
REL 238
REL 311: Jesus in the First Three Gospels