Students choose from a wide range of course offerings and several different disciplines as part of their Middle East and Islamic Studies interests:

Arabic Language
ARB 101 & 102: Elementary Arabic (Said Ramadan)
ARB 201 & 202: Intermediate Arabic (Said Ramadan)
ARB 301 & 302: Advanced Arabic (Said Ramadan)

ANTH 218: Islam and Women (Evrard)
ANTH 245: Language, Culture, and Identity in the Middle East (Evrard)
ANTH 304: Anthropology of Violence and Conflict (Evrard)

FILM 284: Arab Film (Mershani)

HIST 208: Islamic History 600-1500 (Samji)
HIST 278: History of Islamic Technology (Samji)
HIST 330: The Ottoman Empire 1300-1923 (Samji)
HIST 379: U.S.-Middle East Interaction 1776-1979 (Samji)
History 380: Conquest Narratives in Islamic History (Samji)

Political Science
POL 370: Contemporary Issues in Turkish Politics (Akbaba)

Religious Studies
REL 214: Introduction to Judaism (Stern)
REL 238: Religion and Politics in the Middle East (Stern)
REL 270: Introduction to Islam (Sijapati)
REL 271: Sufism: The Mystic Path in Islam (Sijapati)
REL 272: Islam in the Modern World (Sijapati)
REL 358: Islam in South Asia (Sijapati)
REL 360: Religious Diversity and Conflict in South Asia (Sijapati)

IDS Courses
IDS 278: Introduction to Arabic Culture (Mershani)
IDS 152: Youth and new Media in the Middle East (Mershani)