Off-Campus Study

Gettysburg College offers study abroad programs all over the world, as well as domestic programs within the United States. The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities! Recently, students have participated in programs in England (Lancaster and Bath), Italy, and Mexico. For those interested in traveling to the Netherlands, there is a program called SIT that specifically focuses on gender and sexuality studies.

Students interested in learning more about which programs focus on women, gender, and sexuality should contact the Center for Global Education (CGE) staff at, or visit the CGE in the College Union Building.

  • Because there is a preferred sequence of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies courses, it is suggested that majors research off-campus study possibilities early in their academic career, and plan their major coursework accordingly.
  • Any WGS majors who desire off-campus study should consult with their advisor as soon as possible. In addition, students may wish to talk with other students who have participated in these programs; contact information for these students may be obtained either from the Center for Global Education or from a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies advisor.
  • The Center for Global Education provides a program locator. You can browse through all the affiliated programs at Gettysburg using the program finder and searching WGS under the academic focus tab.