Susan Garrison '74 Fund for WGS Students

Application Process

Students interested in benefitting from the Susan Garrison '74 Fund should apply in writing to the Academic Steering Committee. Faculty interested in organizing activities on students' behalf are also welcome to apply.

The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial resources to broaden the range of options for off-campus learning, to strengthen and promote co-curricular offerings as integral parts of the Gettysburg learning experience, and support an array of other initiatives that bring learning to life. These include opportunities to cultivate independent thinking, teach lessons about leadership and teamwork, and promote active citizenship in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program. The Fund will be used to support WGS students who wish to attend conferences, participate in internships or do research related to women, gender and sexuality issues. When necessary the WGS Program would also like to support financially, in some small way, a WGS major or minor who exhibits a particular need.

All requests are to be sent to the Chair of WGS and the Administrative Assistant.

In a letter format, the application should include the following information:

1 - The name of the institution organizing the conference or event.

2 - The location and dates of travel.

3 - A brief description of the conference, event program or other need.

4 - A simple budget specifying how the amount requested from the Fund will be spent.

5 - A brief indication of how the student(s) and the Program will benefit from the money allocated.

Each semester, the Academic Steering Committee will consider applications from students (and faculty wishing to organize student activities) during the fourth week of classes. After that date, requests will be considered according to fund availability.