Transfer Student FAQs

If I've applied to Gettysburg before and want to apply as a transfer student, what do I need to do?

If you have previously applied to Gettysburg College and would like to apply as a transfer student, you will need to submit a new application through the Transfer Common Application

Will my prior credits transfer?

Transfer credits are granted provisionally for individual courses passed with a C or better at approved institutions, provided that these courses fit reasonably well into the Gettysburg curriculum. During the first semester, transfer students must review the graduation requirements with their academic advisor or the Registrar. Transfers are required to earn all additional credit at Gettysburg College or through a regular College-approved program of off-campus study. In order to complete the transfer of course credits, half of the degree requirements (16 units) must be completed at Gettysburg College. All transfer students must satisfy the course requirements in their major area of interest.

What advising programs are available to transfer students?

Each transfer student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists with academic questions, explains College policies, and helps set academic goals. Once you choose a major, you may select an advisor in the major area of study. In addition to your advisor and Gettysburg’s accessible professors, a number of personnel trained to counsel students regarding academic and personal matters are available to you through the academic advising office, college life office, residence life office, counseling services, health center, center for career development, and the intercultural resource center.

What financial assistance is available for transfer students?

Transfer students with a demonstrated financial need will be considered for financial assistance. We ask that you file the Financial Aid PROFILE with the College Scholarship Service (CSS) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with a federal processor by December 1 for spring admission and by April 15 for fall admission. Financial Aid for more detailed information.

Is there a special orientation program for transfer students?

Transfer orientation occurs in both the fall and the spring semesters and includes activities with other transfer students, meetings with your advisor and sessions with your orientation leader. A variety of administrative offices play a cooperative role in making your transition a successful one.

I am an international student interested in transferring to Gettysburg. What do I need to do?

Gettysburg College welcomes transfer applications from international students. The dates and deadlines for admission are the same for international students, however you will need to submit additional required documents (TOEFL scores and Certification of Finances Form). If you are interested in applying for financial aid, you must also file the The College Board's International Student Financial Aid Form.

What housing options are available for transfer students?

Transfer students are guaranteed on-campus housing, an important aspect of helping you to have a successful transition into our community. The majority of students at Gettysburg live in college-owned dorms, apartments, and houses.

How many courses must I complete at Gettysburg in order to receive a degree from Gettysburg College?

A full-time course load at Gettysburg College consists of 8 courses per year, with four courses in one semester and four in the other. A minimum of 16 courses must be taken at Gettysburg College or through a regular College-approved program of off-campus study.

Will AP or IB exam scores be considered as transfer credits?

All entering students who submit a score of four or five on advanced placement (AP) tests may receive one course credit for each tested area towards the 32-course graduation requirement. The College awards one course credit in each subject area for Higher Level International Baccalaureate (IB) examination scores of five or higher. Credit for a Higher Level score of four will be given at the discretion of the department. Official AP or IB exam score reports must be submitted in order to be considered for course credit.