Funding Priorities

CWI is ready to advance. It has leadership, vision, energy, place, and purpose. Those who are most deeply connected to its mission can make CWI’s highest aspirations a reality and build a more vibrant and dynamic future by meeting these critical needs:

Naming the Civil War Institute

Annual: $250,000
Endowment: $5 million

In grateful recognition of a transformational investment in endowment to sustain the mission and work of the Institute, CWI will be named for the benefactor or someone they wish to honor. Naming the Institute provides a legacy associated with history and education to be remembered and recognized by future generations.

Expand the Brian C. Pohanka Internship Program

Annual: $50,000
Endowment: $2 million

Thanks to the generosity of the John J. Pohanka Family Foundation, the Brian C. Pohanka Fellows Program was established in 2011 to provide a stipend for living expenses for students completing summer internships with a range of National Parks and private museums. More than two-thirds of Gettysburg College students rely upon scholarships and grants to fund their education, as well as earned income from work over the summer or during breaks. Without the Pohanka Internship Program, many students would be unable to accept an internship at one of these partner sites.

CWI Summer Conference

Annual: $75,000
Endowment: $1.5 million

To provide more diverse and intensive opportunities for learning and the opportunity to further transform the five-day program into a truly intergenerational event, the time is right to establish an endowment to maintain and perpetuate the conference. Endowing the summer conference will provide operating support for scholarships for high school students, primary and secondary teachers, public historians, and College students, along with additional activities. Any revenue realized by CWI is invested in students.

Gabor S. Boritt Endowed Fund

Annual: $50,000
Endowment: $1 million

Established in honor of Dr. Gabor S. Boritt, long-time director of CWI and an internationally renowned scholar of Lincoln and the American Civil War, awards from the fund are presented to students, educators, and scholars/historians to enable them to attend the annual conference and other CWI functions.

CWI Fellows Program

Annual: $50,000
Endowment: $1 million

The CWI Undergraduate Fellows Program provides a select group of Gettysburg College students the opportunity to develop their skills as professional historians and grow in their knowledge of Civil War era history and Public History. The Fellows program provides students a wide range of professional and academic experiences, allowing them to research and write for public audiences through a range of digital platforms, including the student-authored blog, The Gettysburg Compiler. The Fellows program offers students a valuable opportunity to pursue historical research in partnership with the CWI’s faculty experts and hone their writing and analytical skills.

Summer Immersion for High School Students

Annual: $5,000 - $15,000
Endowment: $100,000 - $250,000

The Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Civil War era history and Public History will offer college credit at Gettysburg College to high school juniors for a two-week academic history course. Students will broadly explore the causes and consequences of the Civil War through a combination of fieldwork and classroom discussion. Through this immersive course, students will travel to historical sites and landscapes around the Washington, D.C. area. Instructors will use archaeology sites, historic landscapes, buildings, battlefields and museums to guide students in a search for the American past and how we remember and commemorate the Civil War era.

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