Application Guide

What makes for a strong application?

  • Look at the application form before applying to see what information you will need to have ready. You might have to prepare some materials in advance, including an updated resume and references.
  • Present yourself professionally. Ensure that your application contains no typos, grammatical errors, or incorrect information.
  • Answer the open-ended questions that are being asked, not a related question you would prefer to answer. Provide responses that are detailed but concise. Convey what you bring to the table and what specifically you hope to get out of the program.
  • Be candid and honest about your interests and experiences. Don't try to "fit" what you think we are looking for. Instead, convey why you are who we are looking for.
  • Need help with your resume? Visit the Center for Career Engagement or check out their website for resume resources.

What else should I know when applying?

  • If you are applying to multiple programs, please check the appropriate box on the application and indicate which one is your preference. If your preference changes, please contact We will assume that if you apply for a program, you are fully interested in participating even if it is not your first preference.

    • If you are applying to both of our senior-only Fellows programs, you do not need to indicate a preference. If you are accepted into both you will need to accept an offer from one or the other.

  • Please report any scheduling conflicts in your application. While one or two absences will not prevent you from being accepted into the program, the high demand for these programs requires that we prioritize students who can take advantage of the full experience.

    • A full schedule is not available for our two Fellows program, as we instead ask that you make those programs a top priority throughout the year.

  • References would be expected to provide a brief endorsement if contacted. Letters of recommendation will not be required or considered.

Any last advice?

  • Don't be discouraged if you aren't accepted into a program this time around. There are lots of ways to get involved with the Eisenhower Institute throughout the year and we will be recruiting for our next set of programs soon.

Please contact with any questions.