Who is eligible to participate?

Gettysburg College students are eligible to participate in Eisenhower Institute programs after their first semester. Participation in some programs may only be open to students of specific class years, so carefully read the program description carefully to determine if you are eligible. Participants must be enrolled as a fulltime student on campus for the duration of the program. We welcome applications from all majors.

What is the time commitment for an Eisenhower Institute program?

These programs are non-credit, co-curricular opportunities that are designed to complement academic coursework. The time commitment is not the same as a class, but is also not negligible. Participants can expect to participate in at least 10 hours of expert sessions per semester, not including travel. Some reading and research may be required outside these sessions. Expectations vary by program. Please review program schedules before applying. Students are expected to fully engage with the material to get as much out of the program as possible.

How much do the programs cost?

There is no fee to participate in Eisenhower Institute programs. The Institute pays for required student materials and travel expenses (transportation, accommodations, meals, activity fees. etc.). Students are responsible for individual personal expenses (cell phone upgrades for international travel, passport/visa fees, snacks, etc.). More details are available in our travel policy. Financial assistance is available. 

Can I apply for multiple programs?

You may apply for multiple programs but must specify your first choice. Students can only participate in one program at a time. 

Can I participate in different programs in the fall and spring semesters?

Yes! As long as you are only participating in one program each semester.

Is travel required?

Participants are required to complete all components of a program, including travel. Experiential learning travel is an important part of our programs. Students who want to participate but cannot travel (domestically or internationally) will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact ei@gettysburg.edu with any questions.