Event types in 25Live

The following Event Types are available when scheduling an event in 25Live.

Event type Campus calendar Example Status Details
Academic class/research N Review session, film for class,
Admissions Programs-calendar Y Info sessions, Open House
Alumni Weekend- calendar Y Class social, alumni event off campus
Athletic Game Y Field Hockey game Open to General Public Limited by user group
Athletic hosted-External N Use by Athletics only- when hosting another group Limited by user group
Athletic team meeting N VARISTY TEAM USE ONLY Limited by user group
Athletic team meeting/practice N Varisity sport use only , team practice Limited by user group
Campus Recreation IM League event Y Signups, tourneys, special events Im league registration Limited by user group
Conferences N Conference grouos in campus/external Limited by user group
Cubbie/information Y Cubbies in lobby- sign ups
FY Orientation Y Welcome session, first year walk Feeds Orientation Calendar!
Lecture- Public Y Lecture, panel Open to General Public
Majestic film Y Movies at majestic!
Majestic Performance Y Majestic public performances This is our public theater
Meeting/traiing/rehearsal -Private N Dept. staff meeting, budget meeting
Meeting/workshop- Calendar Y Faculty meeting, open senate mtg, cub meetings
Public Performance Y Play, recitals, concerts Open to General Public
Remote Engagement-Virtual calendar Y
Setup/facilities/storage N Block for repair Limited by user group
Social event- Calendar Y Social events, senior class party
Social event- private N Dept. social, closed social