Event Scheduling FAQ

Event Scheduling FAQ

25Live is the web-based scheduling and event publishing product developed by CollegeNET. The software package provides feed for calendar, scheduling system, and data repository for events held at Gettysburg College, yet allows individual users to maintain some of their personal scheduling preferences. 25Live enables users to view event information and request the use of space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet capability. Access from landing pages of College Web site.

The events calendar can be viewed by anyone who visits the website. Access to request the use of space and view user preferences via 25Live is only available to users who have logged into the system with a valid Gettysburg College username and password.

Yes. 25Live is the only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events on campus. 25Live is the system of record on campus and is the only recognized tool for obtaining services, reserving space, publicizing events, obtaining space utilization data, and for safety and security purposes.

25Live is a web-based centralized scheduling system providing connections for requesters, space approvers, schedulers, and service providers. The campus scheduler will review your request(s) , and send you a confirmation when all of your arrangements have been secured. The functionality will streamline all of your scheduling tasks where you may check availability, view activities on campus, view and print your own confirmations, make requests for space and services, and find the important information you need for scheduling.

Requests may be submitted anytime. We may keep the request in our queue and process at a later date. Requests must be submitted with a minimum of 5 days notice. Requests for activities occurring the same day as the request date will not be considered for scheduling.

This is typically related to using an old version of Mozilla Firefox. Please download and install the most up-to-date version of Firefox.

The Event Creation and Editing Wizard is where things get done in 25Live. Make sure you are signed-in to have the proper rights to submit a request. Then click on the Create an Event button.

Create an event button

  • Required fields are noted as required by a dash and required next to the field in question
  • To continue filling out the event request scroll down
  • There are paragraphs with more information about each section- there is a i that you can click on to toggle the informationInformation I toggle
  • After you finished filling out the form read over the affirmation and click the checkbox next to I agree

Please do not change end date to be different than your start date, unless your event actually spans midnight. (Ex. Party 8pm - 2am). MOST events that recur, do not meet past midnight. Instead, note that your event repeats, and system will allow for you to select additional dates. A calendar will open for you to select all your dates. As long as the meeting series is for the same TIME of day, you may use this feature. If your times are different, a separate request should be completed.If the SPACE shows a caution symbol to alert you of conflicts, scroll to the top left of your wizard to check the Event Status box. This will tell you which dates in your series have a conflict. Typically, it is not all of your dates requested. Go to "Customize location assignment" on your location field to view all your dates. Uncheck the dates in red (conflicting), and chose another location for those dates. You may also remove the conflicting dates, if you decide not to meet on those.

Your event will be saved as a DRAFT. DRAFT events are then routed to appropriate Scheduler for processing based on space requested. Keep track of your drafts from the homepage.Scheduler will email confirmations once event is scheduled, as before.You may print a confirmation for your records. Go to the ACTIONS drop down menu from the event detail view.
Please make sure your event is confirmed before moving forward with your advertisements.

Only confirmed or approved events are displayed on the 25Live calendar or availability grid. When an event is submitted, it is initially a draft. The event draft is not "approved" until the scheduling unit reviews the draft and processes it accordingly, either approved or denied.

Requesters should receive a response from the appropriate scheduler unit within three (3) business days. The Scheduler is expected to notify the requester of the status of the request within three (3) business days. Requesters can contact the appropriate scheduler if they have not received a response with three (3) business days. The scheduler’s name will be listed in details of requester’s event draft listing.

Cancellations and changes require a minimum of 2 or more business days to process if no services are requested. Requests for all major changes (change in set-up, media or sound support services) must be received at least 10 business days before the event. Change requests received on shorter notice may not be guaranteed. If your request can be accommodated, you will receive a new and updated confirmation.

Go to Event Tab=> Search for the event to modify => Open Detail view tab =>Send email from "actions" menu to appropriate Scheduler.Write in the changes in the body of the textYour scheduler will make the change and send a confirmation when complete.

25Live Home Navigation
You may prefer a "Dashboard" view or "Calendar" view, on the homepage. You can switch your views at any time to see the information you need. To switch to the Calendar View click on the more menu icon.
More Menu Icon
Then click on calendar to go to the calendar view.
More menu list. List, Calendar, Availability, Search, Reports, System Settings, and User Settings
You can then click on the button that says "25 Live Pro" to go back to the Dashboard.
25 Live Pro Button

On the homepage, Dashboard view, your requests are saved as DRAFTS until they are processed by a scheduling office. You are the requestor if you submitted the request.
Your Event drafts. Then two rows of text. First says No event drafts where you are secheduler. Second row says No event drafts where you are requester

Just click on the drafts you have as a requester, on your homepage.Please do not edit your draft after submitting unless it has JUST recently been submitted as Scheduler may be working on it. If you receive an email from a Scheduler asking a question about the request, DO NOT edit draft, simply reply to the email and they will make necessary adjustments.

When you are signed into 25Live, switch to the Search View click on the more menu icon.
More Menu Icon
Then click on search to go to the search view.
More menu list. List, Calendar, Availability, Search, Reports, System Settings, and User Settings
Click the drop-down menu next to events and scroll down to "Events you have requested" and click on it.Then click on the search button to have a list of all events you have requested. You can easily toggle between the list and calendar view of the events you have requested.

All requests are processed on a first come basis. You may view your requests at any time on the homepage of 25Live. Your DRAFTS are your requests. The scheduler strives to reply to your request in a timely manner. The response may take longer if a large number of requests have been received in a short period of time, or if your request is for space or services requiring additional approvals.

Although many people think of it as "just" another website", 25Live is a complex and full-featured application that has the potential to be accessed by thousands of people at one time. Speeds can vary based on the speed of your network connection, available bandwidth, the number of users on the system and a number of other factors.

Additionally, the data in 25Live changes frequently. Using the system involves searching thousands of location, resource, organization, contact and event records to deliver the most accurate information in real time. Thus, performance enhancements and adjustments are being made with every new release. Clear your browsers cache to be sure to have most up to date information.

Lastly, the browser used to access 25Live can also affect the site's performance. We strongly encourage users to use Mozilla Firefox, but can use Google Chrome or Safari. There are known issues with earlier versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 8

CollegeNet will at times apply updates to our environment in order to apply fixes and improve performances. Afterwards or after you have used 25 Live over several instances it is good practice to clear your cache and cookies from your browser.

Firefox iconFirefox: Go to Tools button(menubar -top right) >History> Clear Recent History> Time Range - "Everything" > Details- Check Cookies & Cache > Ok
Firefox menu icon Firefox Menu Firefox History Menu Firefox Clear Cache menu

Google Chrome Browser Icon Chrome: Go to menu with triple dot> More Tools> Clear Browsing Data> Then click "Clear Browsing Data"
Chrome Menu IconChrome Menu ListChrome More Tools MenuClear Cache Menu

Contact Scheduling Coordinator calendar@gettysburg.edu for training.