Eisenhower Scholars

The Eisenhower Scholarship is the College’s most prestigious and selective scholarship.

Awarded to top-performing applicants who have demonstrated an exceptional level of civic engagement, the Eisenhower Scholarship will allow the College to attract and benefit from talented young leaders from across the country and the world.

With your philanthropic support, our Eisenhower Scholars will be well positioned to contribute their thinking, their conscience, and their voice to our campus and our broader society. It is our intention that by enrolling these inspiring young leaders, and equipping them with the tools and orientation so synonymous with a Gettysburg education, that our College—and the values we stand for—will have an even greater impact on the lives of those we serve. Endowed funding opportunities include:

  • Individual Endowed Eisenhower Scholarship - $1 million required minimum.
  • Endowed Fund for Eisenhower Scholars Experiential Learning - $250,000 required minimum
  • Endowed Fund for Program and Curricular Development - $100,000 required minimum

Outside of establishing an endowed fund, donors can support the Eisenhower Scholars Current Use Fund.  Gifts of any size will be put to immediate use in support of all aspects of the Eisenhower Scholarship experience.

For more information about the Eisenhower Scholars Program, please contact Betsy Diehl, Associate Vice President and Senior Philanthropic Advisor, at ediehl@gettysburg.edu or 717-337-6507.