Making a Gettysburg education possible for students who would not be able to attend without financial help is one of the College’s highest priorities.

Scholarships help to ensure that a Gettysburg education is available to ALL students who have the potential to make the most of it—motivated and talented students who aspire to become the scientists, entrepreneurs, diplomats, policy makers, and leaders of tomorrow. Making a Gettysburg education possible for students who would not be able to attend without financial help continues to be one of the College’s highest priorities.

When students of various backgrounds come together in a college community, opportunities for learning multiply. Achieving greater diversity requires resources. With increased financial aid, Gettysburg can enroll more students from a wider range of socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, and geographic backgrounds. Opportunities for funding a scholarship include:

Individual Endowed Eisenhower Scholarship

$1 million required minimum. Permanently and fully funds the financial package of one Eisenhower Scholarship, the College’s most prestigious merit-based award. Learn more about our Eisenhower Scholars Program.

Endowed Named Preferential Scholarship

$250,000 required minimum. At this level, donors may place a preference on how the College awards the scholarship (i.e. preference for students in a particular field of study or from a specific geographic location).

Endowed Named Scholarship

$100,000 required minimum. Supporting Gettysburg students in perpetuity, this permanent fund provides approximately $2,500 in annual support once it is fully funded. Over time, the fund can grow with the investment performance of the College’s endowment or additional gifts.

College Scholarship Fund

$50,000 required minimum. Donors at this level are recognized as contributing to the College's General Scholarship Fund and may add to this minimum over time to establish a named scholarship with gifts of $100,000 or more.

Gettysburg Fund Named Scholarship

$20,000 required minimum gift to the Gettysburg Fund, fulfilled in $5,000 increments over a period of four years. The Gettysburg Fund Named Scholarship is a term-of-years scholarship, ending after four years. During this time, the full $5,000 of a donor’s annual gift directly supports an individual student’s financial aid package.