Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach (SNR), provides Cisco Unified Communications users with the ability to be reached via a single enterprise phone number that rings on both their IP desk phone and their cellular phone (Remote Destination), simultaneously. SNR users can pick up an incoming call on either of their desk or cellular phones and at any point can move the in-progress call from one of these phones to the other without interruption.

To enable Single Number Reach for your cellular or other remote destination phone number, please follow the directions located in this document. In order to set up single number reach you will need to access your Cisco Personal Care portal.

  1. Open a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. In the address bar type in


  1. This will bring up the login screen. Please enter your Gettysburg username and password, then click the Sign In Tab.


  1. The opening screen will show a page labelled My Phones. This page will show a listing of all phones associated with you. Click on the + sign towards the bottom of the page to add an additional phone.



  1. This will launch the Add a New Additional Phone window. In the Phone Number or URI* section, enter 9 for an outside line, 1 if dialing a long distance number, and the 10 digit remote phone number that you wish to ring when your extension number is called. In the Description, enter your first and last name and denote whether this is a mobile or home number. Next, select the box next to Enable Single Number Reach. This will take a few seconds as it registers your new phone add. After the addition is completed, select the box next to Enable Move to Mobile. You should now have two blue check marks next to Enable Single Number Reach and Enable Move to Mobile. Do not click Save yet.


  1. At the bottom of the Add a New Additional Phone window, select the Advance Call timing option in blue. This will open the advance call timing window. The first box you can edit controls how long the system should wait before dialing your new remote phone when your extension is called. Please set this number to 0 (zero). The second box you can edit will set a delay so the system can detect when a call goes straight to voicemail when your extension is called. Please replace the 1.5 with 3.0 in this box. The last box you can edit on this window controls how long the system will ring your remote phone before pulling the call back. This is to ensure that your remote phone voicemail does not answer the call. Instead, the phone system will put the caller into your work voicemail box. This ensures you will only need to monitor one mailbox and that you continue to get voicemails sent to your work email address. You can leave 19.0 in this box. Next, select the Save button.


  1. Next, select the Save button on the Add a New Additional Phone window. You should now see your new remote phone listed under the Additional Phones section of the main My Phones screen.


At this point, you have completed the Single Number Reach feature to call your remote phone anytime someone dials your extension internally or your direct 10-digit telephone number externally. You should test that this feature is working by having a family member, friend or colleague dial your extension or 10-digit number. Make sure that the remote phone you set for Single Number Reach rings and you can answer it and have a conversation.