Forwarding Your Phone

Instructions for adding a forward to your new Cisco phone

  1. From a browser, go to the portal
  2. Allow the warning by selecting the “Advanced” button and then the “Accept the Risk and Continue button.
  3. Login with your College Network credentials. This will be the same information you use for your email, CNAV, etc.
  4. Important: If you get the following, please select “Cancel” or else you will potential reset your voicemail PIN.
  5. Select “Call Forwarding” under the “My Phones” section.
  6. Select “Forward all calls to:” and select the drop-down and choose “Add a new number

    Please note: When adding a new number, add the number as if you were dialing from your desk. You need to add 9 for an outside line, the area code, and possibly a 1 if it is a long distance call.
  7. Once you have the number entered, make sure to hit “Save”.

Your work number should now be forwarding to the number you just entered. After forwarding your phone, all calls to your office will be received on the number you entered.