The Center for Career Engagement at Gettysburg College adheres to Principles of Ethical Professional Practice as stated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and expects all employers to abide by these principles. We strongly encourage employers to review the Principles.

Career Engagement reserves the right to review all recruiting requests before granting access to its on-campus or online services as well as refuse services and/or recruiting privileges at any time to companies, organizations, or individuals who fail to comply with our Employer Policies.

As an employer, recruiter, or other professional seeking to recruit or connect with any Gettysburg College students or alumni through Career Engagement or any other department/office at Gettysburg College, your use of Career Engagement services and/or the Handshake system is deemed to constitute your binding agreement to abide by the policies contained in this document.

Gettysburg College’s Commitment to Freedom of Expression and Civil Discourse Policy

**Policies are subject to change without notice**